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Terms and conditions

1. Privacy

Our Privacy Policy describe how we handle the information you give to Paquet by signing in. By signing in you agree with our Privacy policy and those terms and conditions.

2. Using the service

  1. Users that find a security vulnerability should report at once through GitHub. Do not expose the vulnerability publicly.
  2. Please refrain from using special software that could intentionally cause harm or abuse Paquet's API.
  3. Unofficial clients and tools are forbidden (until further notice).

3. Your account

  1. Users can always delete their account by submiting a account deletion request at We do not keep any traces of your account after deletion.
  2. To access some of Paquet's features, you will need to create an account. You are completely responsible for safeguarind your accont. Paquet is not liable for any loss or damage that could arise from your failure to comply with the above.

4. The source code

  1. Paquet is protected by the AGPL-3.0 license. Commercial use, modification, distribution and private use is allowed. Any distributed fork of Paquet should be open source, specify the same license and state changes made.
  2. You are free to contribute to the source code at any time.
  3. Do not contribute with intentionally malicious code.
  4. As specified above, distributing forks, commerical use (etc.) is allowed, but they should not access Paquet's API in any way.