Getting started

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Getting started

👋 Hi! Here is how you can add your app to Paquet. Adding a new app is done by adding a spec to apps folder in the GitHub repo.

Verification on apps has been removed, because all apps are checked during the listing process.


  • Web app manifest
  • Service worker
  • Name
  • App icons

Since 3.2.0, requirements are a little bit stricter.

Preparing your manifest.json

You can use your manifest.json or site.webmanifest to specify the app listing details.

Here are the keys we use when displaying your app listing on Paquet:

  • name
  • author
  • description
  • categories
  • icons
  • screenshots
  • theme_color

You can find more about manifest keys on the manifest documentation

Preparing your index.html (home page)

We also fetch some properties from the index page. Those are:

  • og:image (for the cover)
  • author
  • description

The og:image should be a cover image. Preferably 1024x600. Low resolution images will not be accepted!


When you submit your app, you need specify your app's features. These features include: mobile optimisation, offline capability and more.

You can also specify an URL to your app's source code.

In future releases, you will have the ability to display releases from GitHub or GitLab.

Domain hosting

If you don't want to pay for domain hosting, you can apply for subdomain hosting at Check the documentation for more information.


Paquet uses an update cycle to keep track of changes made to your app so your app listing is always up-to-date.


In case your app has some issues, it will be temporarily taken down, and you will be contacted in order to fix the issues.